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  • 누룽지 아니고 서울칩. 유기농 현미와 퀴노아, 코코넛, 치즈의 조화
  • 누룽지 아니고 서울칩 철판김치볶음밥
  • 누룽지 아니고 서울칩 누룽지차

About Company

Seoul Chip Co.,Ltd

As a food startup, we established in 2020, with the goal of advancing into the global market by reinterpreting Korean food in a modern way and taste developing for of all around world.We released the first products of 3types of nurungji snack Seoul Chips(Cheese, Coconut, Quinoa).
2022년 and we launched Kimchi Fried Rice(Nurungjisnack).
We will continue to introduce editions applying signature Korean ingredients.
'It's not Nurungji, it's Seoulchips!'
“Nurungji”, it is the traditional soul food of Koreans and Seoul Chip is a modern reinterpretation of Nurungjisnacks. It is designed as SeOULusing the homophone structure of SEOUL and SOUL. With the goal of advancing overseas, we focus on the fact that foreigners perceive “Korea=Seoul”

" Seoul Chip is transforming undervalued Korean traditional foods into global products by enhancing their taste and design by adding flavor and design to undervalued Korean traditional foods."


Hee-won Han

‘Hee-won Han, CEO of Seoulchips’ Top domestic food director at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris
Consultant & Judge
  • Food consulting as HyundaiDepartmentStore(Pangyo, Yeouido,Apgujeong,Samsung, MokdongBucheon,Ulsanbranch, etc.
  • Amway Korea Food, EdiyaCoffee, HongRuijenSandwich Development Food Management consulting
  • Judge for the Ministry of Agriculture,Forestryand Fisheries Food education and culture information
Head of Film & Drama Food Direction
  • ‘'The Pirates2' (starring KangHa-neul, HanHyo-joo),
  • 'Hero' (starring JeongSeong-hwa, KimGo-eun) (tobereleased)
  • ‘The King’(starring Woo-sungJungand In-seongJo),
  • ‘HighSociety’(starring Soo-aeand Hae-ilPark),
  • ‘Astronomy’(starring Seok-gyuHanand Min-sikChoi),
  • ‘WindWindWind’(starring Ha-kyunShin, Ji-hyoSong),
  • ‘HerStory’(starring Hee-aeKim, Hae-sookKim) and manymore
  • DramaSBS CookingDrama 'Greasy Melo’(StarringJun-hoLee, HyukJang) and many more
Broadcast appearances
  • Currently fixed appearances on ChannelA ‘Ildangbaek' SBS GoodMorning(2021)



About the product

Seoul Chips Nurungji Cookies

  1. 100% local organic brown rice(certified organic rice)
  2. No chemical seasoning added
  3. 100% raw material (cheese, coconut, quinoa) without flavor
  4. FGI and realization of preferred taste through qualitative research targeting mothers in their 30s

Seoul Chips Package

  1. Avoiding the old image of nurungji
  2. Applying a modern sense to target the global market
  3. Matching the characteristic taste of eachproduct with package color
  4. High quality package for the long lasting best taste
  5. 1Box in 3flavors and 10packs each
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